Build Wooden Puzzles Like a Professional Puzzleologist

From the moment you unbox a wooden puzzle and lay out those crispy pieces, it’s time to strategize and improvise ways to help you navigate your puzzling journey.

Here are a few pointers to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. The surface matters. Choosing either a dark or white surface for your puzzle can make all the difference in how well you assemble the image together. For instance, placing a light, vibrant puzzle on a dark foam board or table can provide a good contrast to visualize the big picture.
  2. Living life on the edge. Try tackling the edge pieces that make up the puzzle’s border. This can still be done, even if the pieces have irregular, unique shapes. Structure provides familiarity with the location of each aspect of the image.
  3. Sort the pieces. Grouping puzzle pieces that are similar in color or pattern can help, especially for larger puzzles like 1000-piece puzzles. That’s why the box cover is your cheat sheet and best friend. For example, if the image is a garden, scope out the different flowers, the grass, the sky, and so forth.
  4. Test and turn. As intuitive as it seems, turn each piece to check if it fits in a specific area, especially if the color scheme matches. It’s always a nice surprise when a jagged or rounded piece fits perfectly where you least expect it!
Comment below to share any additional tips that work for you!

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