Puzzling the Pieces: A Guide to Decompress and De-stress

A puzzle is a powerful medium of story-telling using simply your fingertips. Like the old saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it’s a solo or a shared experience, puzzling can encourage the mind to remain present, prioritize self-care, and reduce stress. 


While connecting a puzzle piece to another, you can unplug from the external world and allow yourself to escape from stress-inducing environments and activities. Puzzling can teach you to practice patience as you brainstorm strategies to complete a creative task. It can help you relax and immerses you in finding patterns that apply to an end goal.


It can be a rewarding experience to witness each piece fall perfectly into place to form the finished product. From start to finish, the process of puzzling serves as a mood booster. As you place pieces into your puzzle and build towards your completed goal your mind rewards your small victories. Look on with satisfaction at the end of your journey!


Puzzling may help to increase your confidence and motivation as you allow yourself to gain a sense of control. Through the process of trial-and-error, you learn how to visualize structure using a hands-on approach. Whether a romantic night in, or a shelter from the storm, puzzling can be a great way to build confidence as you build something literally with your hands.

If you, a family member, or a close friend wish to explore or rediscover that feel-good puzzle-building effect, consider rekindling or starting a new tradition with a puzzle from our extensive collection on our website. Why do you puzzle?

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